CTWO Executive Director featured in Organizing Institute’s Video

“Come organize with us. You’ll get friends, you’ll get family, and you will live to be 100. Guaranteed.”

– Faron McLurkin, Executive Director, Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO)

Check out this video documenting workers organizing for higher wages and better working conditions across the country. The video was shown at the first annual National Organizers Workshop sponsored by the AFL-CIO’s Organizing Institute on March 6-7, 2015. Over 400 of the country’s best organizers from community organizations and labor unions gathered for this historic 2-day event. CTWO organizers and MAAP graduates received scholarships to attend the conference and our executive director, Faron McLurkin, facilitated a workshop “Organizing for Racial Justice” and was featured in the video shown at the conference. View pictures of our MAAP graduates and CTWO staff at the conference below and check out clips of Faron’s interview in the video at minute 2:29, 6:27, and 7:17.

Faron facilitating a workshop “Organizing for Racial Justice” to a packed house at the AFL-CIO National Organizers Workshop.


CTWO staff and MAAP alums attend the AFL-CIO National Organizers Workshop