About Us

The Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO, pronounced “C-2”) is a racial justice organization dedicated to building a social justice movement led by people of color. We were established in 1980 as a training and resource center that promotes and sustains direct action organizing in communities of color in the United States. CTWO provides organizer training programs, including the model Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program (MAAP), and builds an active network of organizations and activists of color to achieve racial justice in its fullest dimensions. Additionally, CTWO also provides consultation and customized training.

Our Mission

CTWO is a racial justice organization led by people of color whose mission is to achieve social and economic justice.

Our Vision

CTWO envisions the creation of a just and equitable society in which communities of color are active participants in the creation of decisions and policies that shape their lives.

Our Goals

To achieve social and economic justice, CTWO strives to shift the balance of political, economic, and communicative power by bringing the voices of poor people of color to the decision-making table. CTWO works to:

  • Forge links between various communities of color to address the common problems of poverty and disenfranchisement;
  • Increase the pool of highly-trained, race-conscious organizers of color to work for community and labor organizations that contribute to the long-term struggle for racial and social justice.
  • Strengthen the capacity of grassroots organizations to develop and implement effective organizing campaigns that attack the root causes of inequality and oppression.
  • Promote race-based analysis and its application to local and global struggles for economic and social equity.

New Initiatives

Recognizing the need around the country and inspired and motivated by the international efforts and national movements, CTWO realized there needed to be a vehicle that strengthened the social change infrastructure in a meaningful way.

Thus, CTWO’s pioneering organizer training program was conceived, and is now today’s Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program (MAAP), with close to 500 graduates spanning 30 years, effecting changes in the social, economic, and environmental justice movements around the country and world.

CTWO recognizes that today’s world and society is abruptly and uniquely different than when it started training and producing organizers. Organizers must stay relevant and current, while not losing sight of our roots. We are accountable to conditions of the global economy. As the world’s wealthiest nations’ finances are in disarray, and sharp disparities prevail in abundance in terms of jobs, education, housing, the environment, and health care, we recognize that our low income communities of color arguably need more from the movement than ever before.

CTWO looks to help strengthen the infrastructure and capacity of the low wage worker network, conduct strategic engagement with allies and partners in the arena of civic engagement, voter activism, policy development, and candidate development. We are tracking fast moving economic changes with a focus on becoming a training wing of the growing movement of low-wage worker centers. This is an exciting opportunity to partner with innovative groups in local and regional communities and to help facilitate their organizing capacity. CTWO’s experience and vision ideally situates us for this role. We embrace it with excitement and resolve.