FAQ – Application Process

To be accepted into MAAP, participants go through an initial application process.  In order to be considered, applicants are required to go through one of CTWO’s Community Action Trainings (CAT). This not only gives CTWO the chance to set up a formal interview but it also allows CTWO to observe the skill level of the applicant and how well he/she works in a group.* Applicants will also have the opportunity to observe our training style and intensity in order to see if this is the program for them.

Applicants will either be accepted, declined, or waitlisted. Acceptance will be based on a number of things, including the interview, references, performance, the pool of applicants, availability of organizations, and resources. Those who are waitlisted will be notified and updated on their status. If accepted, the applicant will receive a formal call and letter of acceptance. Accepted applicants must confirm or decline no more than 3 days after their notification. Failure to meet this deadline may result in forgoing your spot to someone who is waitlisted. There may be special circumstances in which the 3-day deadline is difficult. If this occurs, the accepted applicant should consult with CTWO and exceptions will be granted on a case by case basis.

Host sites also go through a process of applying to have MAAP apprentices placed at their organization. Host sites are required to follow a specific set of criteria as mapped out in the application in order to qualify for placement. CTWO works diligently to ensure there are as many hosts as resources allow to match the needs of our pool of applicants.

Q: How do I apply?

A: Applicants should prepare to go through the 3-step application process:

1. Complete and send in the written application via mail, fax, or email (karissa@ctwo.org).
2. Register for a Community Action Training (CAT) during the Spring Series and submit the registration fee (this fee is waived if you are applying to MAAP). These trainings fill up quickly so please register as soon as you know that you want to participate.
3. Full and engaged participation in a CAT along with an interview on the last CAT day with CTWO rep.

Note: Your MAAP applications will not be considered completed until you register and attend a CAT. All MAAP applicants must attend a CAT.

Q: What if I cannot go to a CAT?

A: A lot of weight is placed on applicants’ participation in a CAT. We prefer applicants to explore ALL possibilities for attending the weekend training (e.g. fundraising, timing, etc.). We would be more than happy to brainstorm the possibilities. If there is NO POSSIBILITY to attend a CAT, applicants will have to hold off their application until the next round of CATs in the following MAAP session.

Q: When will I find out if I have been accepted?

A: Two weeks prior to orientation week

Q: How long is the MAAP application?

A: No more than 3 pages.

Q: When will I be told my field placement site?

A: During the orientation week of the program.

Q: How many apprentices are you accepting?

A: This number varies year by year.

Q: How often are the MAAP and CAT sessions/dates?

A: CTWO runs MAAP once a year over the summer. A series of CATs are held in the spring and in the fall. They are held in different cities throughout the country. MAAP applicants need only attend one CAT of their choice. The CAT fee is waived for all MAAP applicants.