FAQ – Program

Q: How is MAAP set up?

A: The MAAP program is an 8-week summer program. The first week is a 5-day training and orientation session. For the next 6 weeks, interns are sent to a location somewhere in the country to do on the ground organizing work. At the completion of the field work portion of the program, apprentices are brought back together for a week of debriefing, evaluations, additional trainings, and graduation.

Q: What kinds of organizations are apprentices placed?

A: We work with community and labor organizations across the country that do direct action organizing in low income and communities of color. We work with organizations that share a politic of winning real changes of power by organizing through intersections of race, class, and gender in their communities.

Q: What will I learn?

A: MAAP begins to develop apprentices’ analyses and the skills needed for organizing in low-income and communities of color. While we work with various partner organizations in different locations nationwide, MAAP brings the experiences together through the framework of CRAFT: Contact work, Research, Action, Fundraising, and Teamwork. This means the work of the apprentices will encompass varying degrees of these components depending on each campaign plan. We view each area important for developing your skills as organizers. (Apprentices should expect to spend 65% of their apprenticeship developing skills around contact work, cultivating relationships, and working with leaders to build an organization.)

Q: Where will I be placed?

A: Apprentices are typically placed with organizations outside or far from the area they are from/familiar. We believe the experience is enriched when apprentices are allowed to learn about organizing and a community from a fresh perspective. Even if an apprentice’s placement is closer to home, they are expected to live in MAAP apprentice housing.

Q: What is the housing situation?

A: Arrangements vary. Depending on resources of the organization, apprentices may live with other apprentices in shared housing, have an apartment rented by the organization, have a spare room in the house of a leader of the organization, or may even have to share a room. CTWO strongly advocates host organizations to arrange for apprentices to have some space of their own, preferably, with people outside of the organization’s staff. All organizations are working with very limited budgets and promise to make the most comfortable arrangements possible.

Q: How is our placement site determined?

A: We take several things into consideration: the need of the host organization (e.g. language, gender), the preference of the apprentice, apprentice and organization location, and the general cohort of apprentices and organizations. CTWO makes the final decision about all apprentice placements.

Q: Will I have time to do anything else?

A: Not really. MAAP is an intensive, full-time 8-week apprenticeship. Becauseapprentices will be working on active campaigns, the campaign may require them to work up to 10-12 hours a day, 6 maybe 7 days a week.

Q: What do the apprentices pay for?

A: Apprentices are responsible for covering and coordinating their transportation to the training site in the beginning and back to their homes after its completion. Apprentices are also responsible for covering their own food while in the field.

Q: What does CTWO cover?

A: CTWO or the host organization pays MAAP apprentices a stipend of $300.00 a week (before taxes) for the six weeks in the field. Although the amount will not change, the payment frequency will vary depending on the host organization you are placed with. In most cases apprentices will be paid every 2 weeks or on the 15th and the last day of the month. CTWO also provides housing and local transportation pertaining to work for the 8-week program.