Who Are This Year’s Interns?


Rheema Calloway is a 26-year-old African American San Francisco native. She graduated from Texas Southern University in May 2012 with a BA in Business Management. Her personal experiences and education has strengthened her commitment to educate community members as well as addressing social economic issues. For the past two years Rheema has been actively organizing around Black displacement/gentrification in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.  She is a founding member of the Last 3 percent coalition, in her spare time Rheema is the co-founder of a woman’s empowerment clothing line called Supreme Queen SF as well as a woman’s support group called Conscious Queens


Radhika Mishra is a 20­ year­ old Desi woman from Sacramento, California. As a low­-income, first generation student, she hopes to improve higher education systems, and currently works with the California Faculty Association. She is pursuing a degree in Sociology, with a Race and Resistance minor at San Francisco State University. Along with this, as a Desi woman, she finds it important to have platforms for South Asians and Desis’ to learn from their communities and bridge those learnings into other communities of color. Radhika is in the early stages of starting an organization at her university called, South Asians Breaking Barriers in hopes to provide a brave and safe space for South Asians to be able to vocalize the issues affecting the South Asian community.


Troya A. Wright is a 26-year-old Haitian-American from Norfolk, Virginia. For the last eight years he has been involved in community outreach efforts in the greater Hampton Roads area. Focusing on the problem of racial profiling and other civil rights violations as well as freedom of the arts movements and animal rights . He is currently organizing for Lost Colony, an art collective and community organization.


John Olson is a 25 year old mixed race Filipino-American from Portland, Oregon who recently graduated from the University of Oregon. John was involved in student of color activism and community building with University of Oregon’s Multicultural Center, Asian Pacific American Student Union, and Kultura Pilipinas. He is currently a member of Portland Committee on Human Rights in the Philippines (PCHRP) and Anak Bayan, organizations both dedicated to promoting Filipino culture, and working in solidarity with Philippine Nationals to establish a social democratic revolution and governance in the Philippines.


Trixy Struck is a 24 year-old, multi-racial graduate from Rutgers University. At college, Trixy studied both Mandarin Chinese and Political Science. She was also RU Model Congress staff, where she mentored high schoolers in mock debates. She is especially passionate about getting people of color more engaged in the political process.


Frangelin Pozo is a 24 year old Afro-Latina, second year MAAP participant! She have been fighting for people’s rights and community organizing since she was 9 years old. The past 3 years she have been working with a Community Center in Trenton, NJ; working with primary Latinos and African Americans, specializing on childhood education, social work, community outreach and activist organizing.

Victoria C. Rangel is a 22 year old Virgo and second generation Chicana Femme. She has been living in Oakland for the past 10 years. Victoria has worked with organizations such as Health Initiatives for Youth, Mangos with Chili, & Gateway to College. In the Summer of 2015, Victoria was placed at the Retail Wholesale Department Store Union in New York City through her participation in MAAP, where she was organizing   for retail workers.

Arielle Derival is a 21-year-old Haitian-American woman who attends Mount Holyoke College where she is double majoring in Africana Studies and Spanish with a focus on Black and Latinx immigration to the U.S. At school and in the community, Arielle is involved in the Undocumented Immigrant Alliance, where she advocates for undocumented students and reduces the stigmatization surrounding those students while bringing the perspective of the criminalization of immigrants and the erasure of black undocumented immigrants to the forefront. She is also a dedicated volunteer for Springfield No One Leaves, a grassroots member-led organization built around the housing crisis and economic inequality to build collective power, defend against displacement and win long-term community ownership & control over land and housing in Springfield, Massachusetts.


Vanessa Bruce-Miller is a Jamaican born 23 year old who’s activism has largely been shaped by her personal experience with marginalization at the intersections of gender, sexuality, and race. Although her activism began as research driven, she became more involved in community organizing as an undergrad at CUNY Hunter College while interning and volunteering at the Administration for Children’s Services where she advocated for LGBTQ youth of color. Vanessa is currently a dedicated member of the Black, Queer, Feminist organization; Black Youth Project 100 and hopes to continue to hold space for the most marginalized folks of our communities.

Frangy Pozo is a 23 year old Afro-Dominican cis-gender woman from New Jersey. She has been very involved in her community through fighting alongside youth without US documentation to achieve access to higher education and passing the NJ DREAM ACT into law. She was very active on her college campus fighting for student tenants rights and creating spaces of love and identity formation for youth of color. She currently is a organizing with the Black Youth Project 100 in New York

Brianna Gibson is an organizer and direct action practitioner who spends most of their time contributing to the work of Black Liberation. As a member of the Bay Area chapters for Black Lives Matter and BYP100, they have helped build out chapter membership, strategize around campaigns, and coordinate corresponding direct actions. When they are not supporting local organizing efforts, Brianna contributes to the development of Black direct action practitioners, strategists, and trainers across the nation as a member of The BlackOUT Collective, a Black full-service direct action collective. They hope to continue growing as a direct action practitioner, trainer, and strategist through their work, while building power in their community and exposing others to the healing that direct action can provide. Brianna is originally from Prince George’s County, Maryland, and currently resides in Oakland, California with their partner, 1-year old puppy, and 3 badass comrades in a home lovingly dubbed “The Rev[olution] Ready House.”