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The Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program (MAAP), established in 1985, is a paid summer intensive training program that provides Black, Latinx, Indigenous and other people of color with the opportunity to develop skills and experience in grassroots organizing. For over 30 years, MAAP has been one of the movement’s flagship organizer training programs for people of color, bringing motivated young activists together from all over the country to teach them the science and art of organizing communities around their most salient issues.

The program will be held from June 3rd 2023, to July 31st 2024. As a host, you would have apprentices actively involved in fieldwork that is connected to a campaign. Responsibilities include providing a stipend of $600 per week, housing, and transportation for the 7 weeks in the field.


The MAAP program structure is broken down into 4 components;

  1. Orientation Week: Apprentices participate in an intensive week of training facilitated by CTWO in a selected city.
  2. Field Program: Apprentices spend seven weeks in the field working with a host organization somewhere across the country.
  3. CTWO Commitments During Field Placement: Apprentices spend a small piece of their time in-the-field doing CTWO related work:  fundraising for the MAAP Scholarship Fund, attending weekly check-ins and submitting reports with CTWO training staff.
  4. Debrief Week & Graduation: Apprentices who successfully complete the program return for a week of debrief and more training with CTWO prior to formal closing of the program.

2024 Host Site DETAILs

Every year, CTWO looks for organizations with specific strengths and innovative practices that can help with the development of apprentices.  Here are several key items the selection committee will be looking for in host organizations. Based on CTWO’s strategies and goals, we give priority to host sites that fit the following criteria.  This however, is not the sole determination of host organization selections. Requirements for being a host organization for MAAP include:

  • Currently working on an active campaign
  • Host a minimum of two apprentices: Selected host organizations are required to pay a fee of $4200.00 per apprentice ($600 per week, 7 weeks in the field)
  • Provide housing and local transportation for the apprentices for the 7 weeks

We look for organizations who:

  •  Have models that facilitate sustainable growth.
  • Address race, class and gender from the ground up.
  • Strengthen domestic & International linkages.
  • Strengthen alliances and joint efforts between community and labor.
  • Increase effective civic participation in communities of color.


MAAP apprentices get trained and developed to add capacity for your campaigns. Is your organization a good fit? Apply today!

For more information on host site requirements, logistics, and program goals, sign up for our upcoming info session on Wednesday, February 28th, 2024, at 2pm EST/11am PST.

training program for organizers

MAAP is a pioneer national organizer training program, training young activists of color in the skills needed to run campaigns that address deep-rooted causes of racial injustice affecting people of color across the country.

As a nationally renowned program, MAAP has served to build a vibrant network of activists of color, strengthening movements and driving social justice campaigns. MAAP is an 8 week long paid intensive training program that runs during the summer.

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