As a hub, CTWO continues its vision and mission to build and sustain a thriving social justice movement led by communities of color. We work to  create a space for education, innovation, and experimentation and support the work of 3 innovative training organizations by combining and streamlining our back-end work so that each project can better focus on their mission and programs. Together, our impact is greater, our reach goes further, and our organizations become more sustainable. 

As a Hub, CTWO will support:

As a hub, we will function under one shared leadership and governance structure, while maintaining independent programs – all aimed at the same goal of growing and supporting movements through different strategies and tactics. 

We will continue our signature programs (MAAP, CAT, and MVP) and our collective work of supporting and building movements by providing individuals, organizations and networks with the training, tools, and support they need to build and shift power. We will invest in and develop individual leaders, build and increase organizational capacity, and prioritize strengthening Movement infrastructure. All of which are essential in building sustainable social justice movements that create systemic change.

As a hub we will center our work on these 3 elements:

We utilize popular education and other pedagogies to train, educate and build grassroots leadership in organizing, direct action, political education and other modalities needed to get us closer to liberation.

We are a think and do shop. We create vehicles, programs, and spaces (externally and internally) for people to fully nurture new ideas and strategies for collective liberation.

We allow people to bring their whole selves and new ideas and work with new, growing or struggling organizations. We create programs and utilize our trainings  and staff to support the growth and infrastructure of grassroots social movements. 

We believe that in order to build strong movements, we must build power at various levels.

We will continue to build strong movements,

by focusing on 3 levels of organizing:


Movements must grow and in order for that to happen we must create on-ramps for new organizers.  We create spaces for new activists and those not yet involved to enter the movement, through training public programs and webinars.


We believe organizations are the bedrock of sustained strong social movements. We support, train,  and help build liberatory organizations.

Ecosystems + Networks

We are a part of, build, and support networks and ecosystems.