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The Liberatory Leadership Praxis Power Cohort is a 2-year program for Black-led, base-building organizations that are in their founding stages (years 0-5) who are working to create values-driven liberatory organizational structures. The program will support organizations develop as leaders, and build a strong base with a solid organizing framework.

This Fellowship is a project of Praxis Liberatory Leadership Partnership, founded by The Center for Third World Organizing in partnership with the Liberatory Leadership Project.


The Praxis Power Cohort Fellowship will offer participating organizations:

now accepting applications for 2023-2024

Last day to apply is Thursday, October 20th 2022 at 11:30pm EST

Praxis Cohort Fellowship participants must commit to:

  • Attend (1) monthly meeting with the full group 

  • Attend (1) monthly meeting for one of the following: organizational development, transformative leadership, and organizing training.

  • Attend (1) monthly meeting with the Program Coordinator 

  • Participate for (8-12) hours per month 

  • Participants MUST be able to attend 2 in-person retreats each year

  • Meet during the last Wednesday of the month from 6pm-9pm EST (October 2022 through October 2024)

  • Participate in the (FULL) 24-month program

Start your application by creating an account through our Good Grants Portal below. 

If you have any questions about the application process, please feel free to contact our Program Coordinator at


  • How do I submit my application?
  • How long is the program?
  • Who is the Liberatory Leadership Praxis Power Cohort for?
  • What do we mean by "base-building organizations?"
  • What does it mean to be anti-capitalist?
  • What is liberation?
  • Is this a one time only opportunity?
  • Does work need to be solely in the US?
  • How will money be disbursed? Required to be used?

All applications go through our Good Grants Portal. You will need to create an account in order to save your progress and submit your completed application.

The Liberatory Leadership Praxis Power Cohort begins on November 30, 2022, and concludes in October 2024. This is a 24-month program, and successful applicants should be able to commit to the full program.

A successful applicant is a Black-led base-building organization. When we say Black-led and Black focused we mean that the organization’s leadership is 70% Black, the board is 50% Black, and the programming is Black-centered. In addition, a successful application will: 

  • Have 2-5 people who are available to participate 
  • Participants MUST BE 18-35 years old
  • Make a 2-year commitment
  • Participants MUST be able to attend 2+ retreats each year
  • Be movement & values aligned
  • Have the desire to address & shift power by building a strong base of members
  • Have an anti-capitalist framework 
  • Be Black-led and Black-focused (70% of the leadership is Black, PRIMARY leadership is Black, 50% of the Board is Black, 50% of their base is Black, and Black-centered programming)
  • Focus on base-building and organizing 
  • Have the desire to confront power & privilege in their mission

There is a disconnect between movement organizations, especially those whose primary focus is base-building. We are looking to provide organizational development to those who center recruitment and retention through relationship building and leadership development.  

In order to to shift power, we believe that the solutions you seek, the issues you are fighting, and the problems you are looking to address requires building collective leadership within our communities.

While your project, organization, or business can make money, all ventures must be with the expressed intentions of improving conditions, confronting privilege, and shifting power for the benefit of Black people.

Representation alone is not enough. How is your work changing conditions for Black people?

Is your work creating solutions that are based on the collective good as opposed to exploitation; community benefit vs. individual profit, community solutions, community good, and have values that are non-exploitative.

Liberation is both a process and a destination.

Liberation requires the desire to break free of ALL the social structures that oppress us, not just capitalism.

We are looking for projects, organizations, and businesses that are working towards liberation in both the working they are doing, and in the way they are approaching the work; structures that center liberation practices.

The Praxis Fellowship is an experiment in finding new and innovative ways to grow, support, and uplift liberatory leadership practices.

While we believe in the necessity of this work, it is currently set up to be a one time opportunity; however, it is our desire to connect groups with potential funders, as well as build this program so that we can continue to grow support for many more organizations in the future.

No! A portion of the team needs to be US-based; however, we believe in connecting the African Diaspora through our work and recognize that Black people are everywhere.

We will dispense a payment in the beginning of the fellowship of $25K. This is to reduce barriers to how you actually need to use funding support. The final $5K will be dispensed at the end of the fellowship when your team attends the culminating meeting.

There are limited funding restrictions, aside from those that are in accordance with the laws and legal status of your project, organization, or business.