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Formed in 1980, CTWO has been at the forefront of organizing for social change in low income communities of color.

Recognizing the need around the country and inspired and motivated by the international efforts and national movements, CTWO realized there needed to be a vehicle that strengthened the social change infrastructure in a meaningful way.

Thus, CTWO’s pioneering organizer training program was conceived, and is now today’s Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program (MAAP), with close to 500 graduates spanning 30 years, effecting changes in the social, economic, and environmental justice movements around the country and world.

CTWO recognizes that today’s world and society is abruptly and uniquely different than when it started training and producing organizers.  Organizers must stay relevant and current, while not losing sight of our roots.  We are accountable to conditions of the global economy.  As the world’s wealthiest nation’s finances are in disarray, and sharp disparities prevail in abundance– jobs, education, housing, environment, health care – we recognize that our low income communities of color arguably need more from the movement than ever before.

CTWO looks to help strengthen the infrastructure and capacity of the low wage worker network, conduct strategic engagement with allies and partners in the arena of civic engagement, voter activism, policy development, and candidate development. We  are tracking fast moving economic changes with a focus on becoming a training wing of the growing movement of low-wage worker centers. This is an exciting opportunity to partner with innovative groups in local and regional communities and to help facilitate their organizing capacity.  CTWO’s experience and vision ideally situates us for this role. We embrace it with excitement and resolve.

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Many Things Are Springing up at CTWO

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” – Leo Tolstoy

Early This Spring We Took Our Training to Boston
Despite the freezing temperatures the first weekend of March, CTWO sent its training team to Boston to facilitate customized training at IWCC- The Immigrant Worker Center Collaborative. The group was led by Faron McLurkin, current CTWO Co-Director and Karissa Lewis, Senior Organizer. The training was imparted in English and Spanish given the growing need to reach out to work center members whose main language is Spanish.  “The members were very inquisitive and eager to learn and the training team had a blast, ” said Lewis.  After a weekend of training the members are more prepared to join in the upcoming campaign work the collaborative will be leading.

We  Now Have a New Website.
After weeks of mapping, coding and editing, our new site is up and running. The project is a work in progress and our goal is to expand and enhance what we already have, but adding other features such as, training forums, a library, and archives. Additionally, CTWO is revamping its operational infrastructure. Recently, CTWO purchased a new Individual Donor Management Software and it is upgrading and integrating other I.T. systems to better serve you.

Coming up at CTWO
Community Action Training – CAT

We will be holding CAT trainings in Oakland:  April 4-6; New York:  April 24- 27; Atlanta: May 16-18, and Denver: May 16-18.
Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program -MAAP

We are taking MAAP to the East Coast this year June 22 through August 15. First week of debriefing will be held in Washington D.C. and the graduation will take place in N.Y. For more information visit our website or email Karissa@ctwo.org.

Will you help sustain our training efforts this Spring and sow a seed into someone’s life?
This spring, sow a seed into the social justice soil.

CTWO’s goal is to make our training accessible to the people that need it the most  in a sustainable way for the organization.  One of the ways we make this possible is by scholarship donations we receive from people like you.  Consider donating a full scholarship of $500.00;  half a scholarship of $250.00 or any other amount you are able to contribute today. If paying your desired donation all at once is not a possibility for you now, you can break it down over any period of time.  Just visit our Donation Page and sign up for a recurring donation.http://ctwo.org/support/donate/

Want to learn more about video activism?

Do you want to learn how to create digital videos and use them to tell your story? You may be the perfect candidate for our Reel Justice Our Stories Our Way Fellowship Program. For more information visit our website.   Follow us and Like us in Facebook.


Reel Justice: Our stories, Our Way graduates its first 8 fellows

“He who controls the media controls the mind.” Popular proverb.

“If we don’t tell our own stories, it will be done for us,“ said CTWO Co-director Faron Mclurkin.

People of color know exactly what it is like to have the media depict a distorted image of who they really are; many assert that the ultimate influence on shaping society values is the media. CTWO’s new fellowship training program, “Reel Justice, Our Stories Our Way,”(RJ) counter-attacks this influence by demonstrating the philosophy of politics through images.

CTWO founder and former E.D. Gary Delgado, with the support of a very talented group of videographers, storytellers and CTWO staff, directed the Reel Justice Program (RJ).  The program took a group of eight interns through six weeks of intense learning on media, political analysis techniques and other technical topics, including use of video equipment, filming, light and sound management and editing. Interns were placed at organizing groups with hands on training on a balance of other important skills needed to create captivating political videos, such as story telling, interviewing skills, and message framing.

“I learned the art of organizing through MAAP, and skills technique of video shooting, editing, and producing through RJ.  I feel equipped to change the world “said Jennifer High Tower, RJ program fellow and 2013 Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program graduate – another CTWO nationally renowned training program.

The RJ process resulted in 24 polished one to three-minute videos, with many sleepless nights, hours of training, interviewing, filming and editing culminating on Oct. 16th at a standing room only graduation showcase. Fellows featured their videos to a select crowd of Bay Area social change groups, including The Utility Reform Network (TURN), Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), Causa Justa/Just Cause (CJJC), the RaceForward (formerly Applied Research Center), Color Lines magazine, the Center for Story Based Strategy, and Leadership Learning Community, among others.

The CTWO family also thanks Geoffrey Pete, owner of Geoffrey’s Inner Circle, for hosting the reception, and all the fellows, staff and host organizations (TURN, CPA, CJJC) who made the program a successful pioneering venture.

Full program description and videos

CTWO is committed to connecting our fellows with job placement. Please contact CTWO with any job opportunities for short film/video makers at (510) 201 0800.


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