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The Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program (MAAP), established in 1985, is a paid summer intensive training program that provides Black, Latinx, Indigenous and other people of color with the opportunity to develop skills and experience in grassroots organizing. For over 30 years, MAAP has been one of the movement’s flagship organizer training programs for people of color, bringing motivated young activists together from all over the country to teach them the science and art of organizing communities around their most salient issues.

The Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program (MAAP) is an 9 week paid program that offers a unique opportunity for aspiring  organizers to learn the nuts and bolts of organizing and what it means to organize through a racial justice lens and build power that shifts the conditions in our communities. This entry-level program offers hands-on organizing experience through fieldwork, participating in campaign actions, movement history, and deep skill-building workshops.

We are excited to to return to the classic MAAP structure this year and will be taking participants from all over the country who will be placed in organizations around the country. Our Community Action Training (CAT) is a prerequisite for MAAP–for more information and to sign up, visit our CAT program page here. 

Become a MAAP Host site

Every year, CTWO looks for organizations with specific strengths and innovative practices that can help with the development of apprentices.  Here are several key items the selection committee will be looking for in host organizations. Please check all that apply to your organization. Based on CTWO’s strategies and goals, we give priority to host sites that fit the following criteria.


 The program will be held from June 3rd, 2024 to July 31st, 2024. Participants are required to complete a CAT training and  participate in the whole program. The program will begin with a weeklong orientation followed by a field placement for the remaining 7 weeks. Participants are provided with $600 per week stipend and a travel allowance. The deadline for MAAP 2024 is Wednesday, April 17th.

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MAAP is a pioneer national organizer training program, training young activists of color in the skills needed to run campaigns that address deep-rooted causes of racial injustice affecting people of color across the country.

As a nationally renowned program, MAAP has served to build a vibrant network of activists of color, strengthening movements and driving social justice campaigns. MAAP is an 8 week long paid intensive training program that runs during the summer.

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