Leadership Transition

"We who believe in freedom cannot rest"
-Ella Baker




Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program (MAAP)

MAAP is a pioneer national organizer training program for young activists of color in the skills needed to run campaigns that address deep rooted causes of racial injustice affecting people of color across the country.

Movement Vision Project

The Movement Vision Project is a resilience-based project that supports Black movement organizers to recharge and cultivate personal and collective practices. 

Community Action

Community Action Training (CAT) is a three-day intro to organizing training designed for organizers, activists and community leaders. Participants are energized and challenged during the weekend training that encourages folks to use the time and space to build relationships.

African American musician playing ukulele at the beach

Subvert Labs

Subvert Labs is a project that develops cultural workers to create musical content that supports larger Movement Work.  The project runs in coordination with MAAP.

Alumni Network

Since 1980 the Center for Third World Organizing has been building cadre for the movement!  So many of our Alumni who’ve gone through our training programs have made great strides within the movement from legislators, authors, professors and leaders of several movement orgs.  The Alumni Network is a new project created to reconnect alumni with the organization and bridge the gap between historical alumni and recent alumni.



We are a training and resource center that promotes and sustains direct action organizing in communities of color. To strengten this growing movement, we continue to partner with innovative local and regional groups to help facilitate their organizing capacity.


CTWO’s Mission is to help build and sustain a thriving racial justice movement led by communities  of color.


CTWO envisions a movement where communities of color are leading the social justice fights that impact their daily lives.  We see a thriving movement that centers the voices of women, trans folks, queer folks and Black folks, immigrants, folks with disabilities and those formerly incarcerated. We see a movement that prioritizes collaboration and deep strategy. And lastly we see a movement that sees resilience and joy as intricate parts of our movement.


CTWO believes that in order to create a more just world that we know is possible, we have to develop leaders that know how to win real systemic change. We believe in creating a new pipeline of organizers that are equipped to organize using both the fundamentals of organizing as well as new, innovative and creative tactics and strategies. We believe that those historically marginalized should lead this fight.



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