Movement Activist Apprenticeship PROGRAM


training program for organizers

The Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program (MAAP) offers a unique opportunity for aspiring BIPOC organizers to learn the nuts and bolts of organizing and what it means to organize through a racial justice lens and build power that shifts the conditions in our communities. This entry-level program offers hands-on organizing experience through fieldwork, participating in campaign actions, movement history, and deep skill-building workshops.


Summer Apprenticeship COMPENSATION + DETAILS

The duration for MAAP is 7 weeks. The program will be held from June 20, 2022 to August 10, 2022. Participants are required to participate in the whole program. The program will begin with a weeklong orientation followed by a field placement for the remaining 6 weeks. The program will culminate with a debrief week. Participants are provided with $600 per week stipend and a travel allowance. 

The application deadline for MAAP is Monday May 30th, 2022. Any late submissions will be waitlisted.

training program for organizers

MAAP is a pioneer national organizer training program, training young activists of color in the skills needed to run campaigns that address deep-rooted causes of racial injustice affecting people of color across the country.

As a nationally renowned program, MAAP has served to build a vibrant network of activists of color, strengthening movements and driving social justice campaigns. MAAP is an 8 week long paid intensive training program that runs during the summer.

Spaces are limited

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